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Travel Light – Titan Razor with Shaving Cream Reservoir

A shaving can with enough cream for you to shave 50 times is simply unnecessary when you’re going away for just a few days. It can make the difference between hand luggage only and a suitcase that’ll mean a longer wait at the airport and baggage retrieval, and makes life difficult when using public transport when you get to your destination. This Titan razor helps you to travel light and efficiently.

What's This? Why It’s Clever and Easy

I was quite happy when I recently came across a very small bottle of shaving oil that could replace my shaving-cream can, thereby finally offering me a solution to get rid of at least one heavy item in my hand luggage. Not to mention the problems that might be experienced when trying to bring these kinds of cans through airport security checkpoints – liquid restrictions still apply, you know. For a business trip, when I need to shave on a daily basis, shaving oil is a good – and cheap – solution. On vacation, though, I don’t shave daily, and shaving oil is less pleasant than foam. In such cases, this Titan razor with integrated shaving cream reservoir seems to be a good alternative.

The Titan is a disposable razor with enough cream in the handle for about seven shaves. When you shave every two or three days, you can put one of these razors in your luggage, and you’re set for a few weeks’ smooth shaving; no need to take a can. Even if you took 50 of them in your hand luggage, the airport security people probably wouldn’t even realize that you were taking shaving cream with you.

The Titan razor has six blades, so if there’s one hair left on your chin after one pass, I suppose it would need to be made of iron. It makes me wonder where this trend of multiple blades is going to stop. I saw the advantage of having two blades when those appeared on the market, then there were three blades – will it now stop at six blades, or will future razors have so many blades that they become more bulky than the foam can?


  • Razor with shaving cream reservoir integrated in the handle
  • Ideal for light traveling and hand luggage-only business trips
  • No issues with airport security liquid restrictions
  • Six blades
  • Also useful for ladies, of course
  • About seven shaves out of one reservoir.


You can get more than seven shaves out of most razors – no need to throw the Titan away when the reservoir is empty. Take it back home and continue using it together with your regular foam can until it’s blunt.

When you shave on daily basis and want to travel light on business trips, an even simpler alternative might be to use shaving oil instead of cream.

Where to buy

You can buy the Titan razor online, for instance from Target or Amazon.

Approx. price: $9.99 for a three-pack (June 2009)

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