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WaveBox – Portable Microwave Oven for Vacation, Car and Boat

I can imagine that most of you can live without a microwave oven for a day or two, but let’s say that you leave on vacation and you’re not sure if your holiday home is equipped with a microwave oven. Or you need to warm the baby’s bottle of milk in the car on the way to your destination. Or maybe you want to cook the fish that you just caught while you’re on your boat with friends. Well, the WaveBox portable microwave oven can do all of that.

What's This? Why It’s Clever

It wouldn’t be the first time that our holiday home didn’t have a microwave oven. We survived each time – barely – but it would have been nice if we could have warmed up some food every now and then or just picnicked wherever it suited us while on the move instead of having to search for a place to eat that could also warm the baby’s milk.

Someone at WaveBox must have experienced the same kind of problems and invented this portable microwave oven in response. It produces 660 watts of power, which is almost as much as your average kitchen microwave.

Can we live without it? Yes we can! Is it practical? Yes it is! It’s up to you if you want to shell out the money for one.


  • Portable microwave oven from WaveBox
  • 660 W of microwave power
  • Connects to mains outlet or car/boat/truck battery
  • Electronic timer
  • Inside dimensions: 10" wide by 7" deep
  • Outside dimensions: 11" H x 15" W x 10" D
  • Weighs 16 lbs.


It’s portable, but you can of course choose a fixed installation in your car, boat or truck. Makes sense if you’re a truck driver or if you organize frequent boat trips.

You can get 660 watts out of it if you use a direct battery connection to your car or truck's battery. When you connect it via your cigarette lighter, it gives you 110 watts. That's an important limitation, think it over and see if this might suit your purpose.

Probably useful for student apartments as well: It’s easy to take with you to wherever you go during the holiday period.

Where to buy

What's this?It’s advertised under other names at a higher price, but you can get the original WaveBox cheaper than most of the other offerings.

You can buy it from several online sources, and being two of them.

Approx. price: $230 (February 2010)

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Comments (2)
  • Ron Edwards
    I bought a microwave for my car for a long RV trip (, it says I need 20 amp, my car, a Prius, only has 15, can I convert it somehow?

  • Clever & Easy
    A car stuffed with batteries and then you only get 15 amp :x What a shame.
    In theory you could change the fuse, but that's not recommended because the cabling is probably designed for 15. Ask your car workshop what they thing about it or look around on the Internet.
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