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Taga Stroller and Bike Combo Takes your Child Anywhere

Once people have kids, the bike often ends up in the garage, collecting dust until the kids are old enough to ride a bike themselves. You can equip your bike with a children’s seat, of course. But what to do when you arrive at your destination? There you’d like to have a stroller at your disposal, but how do you transport that with your bike? This stroller and bike combo from Taga is a great piece of product design, combining both functions in one.


What's This? Why It’s Clever

I’ve always been impressed by the mechanical design of strollers. It’s quite an engineering feat to design those things in such a way that you can reduce them to a fraction of their unfolded size. But this bike/stroller combo is an achievement on its own.

You can ride it like a bike with two front wheels; in this way, you can keep your toddler close by, certainly when compared with the bike trailer alternatives. On arrival at the shopping mall, city center or wherever you plan to go, you can easily convert it to a stroller. In less than 20 seconds, according to the manufacturer. And you don’t need to park your bike once you get there, meaning that you don’t need to go back to any parking spot. The kids will probably also love the sensation of speed, sitting up there at the front.

Under the children’s seat, there’s a basket in which you can put your groceries.

It also fits into your car trunk, which is another difference from the bike + bike trailer alternative.

It’s undoubtedly a great design, but at $1,495 a bit pricey.

See here how it converts:

You probably won’t manage it in 20 seconds on the first few tries; at any rate you won’t be looking as relaxed as the lady in the video.


  • Bike converts to stroller on arrival
  • Basket
  • Children up to 55 lbs (25 kg)
  • Rider up to 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Optional second child seat
  • Fits in car trunk.


Another original combination is this travel stroller, converting any piece of rolling luggage to a stroller.

And yet another similar concept is this Ville bike that converts to a shopping cart.
Ville bike converts to shopping cart

Where to buy

You can buy it from the manufacturer’s website:

Approx. price: $1,495 (May 2010)

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Comments (5)
    I love your website. so interestin and fun and you talk about useful products. And while some items may be pricey, I can still look out for similar products. Yoiur demo videos are great and really make this cite. thank you.
  • Clever & Easy
    Thanks for your appreciation. It's good that you look for alternatives, that's the idea of the site - I try to bring every type of product only once. If ever you find a better alternative, I'd be interested to hear about it.
  • ECA
    I like it,
    But I think it has a few problems.
    This is not a Street product, as the tires arent big enough. I would stick to sidewalks.
    You have your kid, you have the bike, and you go shopping..yu need a basket/holder/something to hold your purchases.. get a backpack.

    Price is VERY HIGH.
    Its like you are paying them to sit around, until someone Purchases it, or we are paying them $100 per hour to build it.
  • Clever & Easy
    I've seen street bikes with smaller wheels, I don't think that's really an issue. And you can attach a basked for your purchases.
    Main issue is the price IMHO, but if money is not an issue and you want to get noticed, it's certainly a valid option - it's still cheaper than a Ferrari :D
  • ECA  - really.
    Cheaper then a Ferrari??

    My HOME is cheaper.(really, it is)

    Figuring the materials and mech needed for this device, we seem to be paying for them to sit around waiting for the next order. As id they were in the NEW corp practices.
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