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Versatile Battery Charger – Eneloop USB Booster Stick

This device seems the best of both worlds. It combines the mobile charging abilities of the unique USB cell with the improved chemicals of the rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries. On top of this, you don’t have to just use it to charge your batteries; you can also use the charged package to provide some extra juice to another battery-powered device that’s about to give up on you.


What's This? Why It’s Clever

Regular readers will start to suspect I have an unhealthy obsession with rechargeable batteries, but I simply can’t resist sharing with you these versatile new designs that make our lives just a little bit easier and greener. So here we go again…

What I loved about the USB cell is that you need only a USB port to charge it, relieving you of the burden of bringing along a bulky battery charger with you on your trips. And where can’t you find a USB port nowadays? This Sanyo USB Booster Stick does the same – just insert the Eneloop AA batteries, plug it into a USB port on your laptop, desktop, Wii, car radio or whatever other device, and your batteries are charged.

But it’s more than just a battery charger. If your iPhone or other gadget starts flashing the dreaded “low battery” warning (my HTC phone let me down yesterday, during a 45 -minute phone call), you can connect it to your USB Booster Stick and re-animate it for another hour or so of extended use – no need to stop at a wall socket. And you can of course carry some extra batteries for even more power.

Its compactness together with its versatility make this one of the best battery-charger designs, in my humble opinion.


  • Sanyo USB Booster Stick charges two Eneloop AA batteries
  • Any USB port can be used as a power supply
  • Package can charge your iPhone, cell phone, PSP or other USB-powered devices
  • Power output 5 V / 500 mA
  • < 3 oz (75 g), batteries included
  • Aluminum body.

Where to buy

At the moment, only the Japan Trend Shop seems to sell them. But and carry a larger Lithium-Ion based Sanyo Eneloop USB Booster, which reportedly even charges an iPad!

Approx. price: $45 (June 2010)

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