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Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset – Infinite Standby Time

What’s the advantage of Bluetooth headsets anyway? Admittedly, you don’t have a wire dangling around, but on the downside it’s yet another device that you need to charge. And now you have two batteries that can run out in the middle of a phone call and two chargers to plug in. Here's an excellent solution to that problem.

What's This? Why It’s Clever

There are lots of pros and cons for choosing a Bluetooth headset over a wired headset. But the main reason I never wanted a Bluetooth headset is that it means charging yet another device before leaving the home or office.

This solar-powered Bluetooth headset from Brando is the first type that might tempt me to change my opinion. It has an integrated photovoltaic solar cell that means the headset charges itself when you’re not using it, for instance when it’s sat in your car. In theory at least, every time you need it, it should have a full or at least a sufficient charge. And you’ll never need to take a charger with you or use up the last remaining power outlet in your home for that tiny headset.

It can be touted as a “green” product because it doesn’t use any electricity from the grid, but that effect will be only marginal; the comfort it provides will be the main reason to buy it for most people.


  • Bluetooth headset charges itself through integrated solar cell
  • No need to take extra charger with you when traveling
  • No need to charge it at home
  • Use your outlets for more important things.


You can find another solar-powered Bluetooth headset that looks exactly the same - and is probably another branding of the same product - under the name i.Tech SolarVoice 908.

If you’re fed up with the charger and cable clutter, but you’re not planning on buying a new headset, you might want to consider one of these multi-chargers as an alternative.

Last but not least, this solar powered Bluetooth car kit is another good alternative.

Where to buy

You can buy the solar-powered Bluetooth headset from the Brando webshop, the i.Tech SolarVoice is a bit cheaper at

Approx. price: $67 (February 2010)

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