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Tip – How To Hide Your Audio&Video Components Out Of Sight

I'm a fan of good music, and I do value a good-quality hi-fi & multimedia installation at home. But unless you're a fan of a pile of dust-collecting, flashing square boxes in your living room, AV components are not the prettiest of objects to have in your home. Unless you can shell out the money for a designer Bang & Olufsen installation, of course, in which case you can skip what follows, since you obviously want your investment to be seen by everyone.

What's This?

I've been looking for some time for an alternative to hide my multimedia equipment out of sight, while still having a fully functional remote control – and finally I found it. Did I need to buy new equipment with a radio remote control or an IR extender? No I didn't. All it takes is a cabinet with a frosted glass front, behind which you can beautifully hide your machinery while allowing the infrared of your remote to pass through perfectly. More even, you can read in another article how it even improves your remote control's operating angle.

When the equipment is switched off, you can hardly see it, at least if you've chosen the black variants. And when it's switched on, you can see the lights through the frosted glass so you won't forget to switch it off. I can even read the album name on the display of the CD player. And no need to buy a specific brand of AV cabinet – any will do as long as it has frosted or sanded glass or if you can replace the plain glass with sanded glass.


  • Hide your multimedia installation in a cabinet behind frosted glass
  • The infrared of the remote passes through perfectly
  • You can still see when it's switched on
  • Take "any" cabinet – does not need to be designed for hi-fi equipment.

Still need to find a way to hide the loudspeakers (although my new ones look quite nice). A rice paper wall maybe? Anyone?


Try it out with your particular remote control and a small piece of frosted glass before making large investments. Personally, I've had no problems with an amplifier, a CD player, a VCR, two DVD players, and two types of set-top boxes – all work fine.
I’d also move the front of the devices close to the glass for best reception.

And make sure the heat can get away!

Where to buy

It's not that hard to find cabinets with frosted glass doors, you can do an image search for a start. If you have a cabinet with a clear glass front, check if there is a possibility to replace it with frosted glass.

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