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Racor Heavy-Lift Storage System – Garage Ceiling Becomes Storage Space

Finally, a way to put your garage ceiling to use! Have you ever thought about the use of space in your garage? You park one or two cars in there on a spot where, usually, you never walk because when you're at home, the car is too. How about making some use of the space above your car, then?



What's This? Why It's Clever and Easy

When I think of it, I have so many things lying around in my garage and basement for which I have no storage space left on my shelves. And it's true – it's really unnecessary to keep the space above my car free to walk around in the garage. Even if the garage is empty, I can still walk around the hanging obstacle to get where I want. So it might be time to move some of the stuff from the floor to the ceiling, where they will bother me less than they do now.


  • Save space by using your garage ceiling for storage
  • 250 lbs (113kg) loading capacity.


Fix it firmly, and mind your head!

In fact, I've been cheating a bit with what I said above: I've already put my garage ceiling to use, to attach my car roof box, investing $5 and 15 min of work. See how it's done!

Of course, there are other overhead storage systems on the market.

Finally, another interesting garage organizing solution from Racor is this bike rack that does not require drilling or bolting.


  Other Garage Organizing Solutions


Where to buy

You can buy the Racor storage system from, and other on-line stores.

Approx. price: $180 (April 2009).

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