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Clever & Easy unearths new and useful home, travel and multimedia products and tips. We’re always on the lookout for the new, useful product or tip that stands out from the many gadgets and that can help you get things done and save time doing it.
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iDapt i4 multicharger

idapt-multicharger-smallIf you’re like me and you get an urge every few months to buy another multimedia gadget (because you absolutely need it for your work – at least that’s what I tell my wife to get the budget approved), you know what a mess it can be when you have all those chargers and wires cluttering your kitchen counter. I’ve been trying out several solutions to get rid of the clutter, and this is both the best and the best-looking one around.





Solar-powered Bluetooth Car Kit from Nexxus / IOGEAR

Hands-free car kits for vehicles – tried many, liked few. I’ve tried dedicated car kits, phones built into the dashboard, Bluetooth earpieces, wired headphones and hands-free Bluetooth kits, to name just a few. I’ve never found a solution that really answered all my needs. That is, until I found this Nexxus Drivemulti Solar.



Excess-Baggage Charges are a Thing of the Past

This is another great example of original and out-of-the box thinking. In the past we’ve covered several solutions to traveling light and compact. This article, however, is about traveling heavy – but without paying excess-baggage charges. Read on to find out how the Jaktogo helps you to fool low-cost airlines.



25+ Tips and Products to Travel Light and Compact

Tips to Travel Light and CompactIt’s hard to imagine what people (oops, I almost said ladies) take with them on a short business trip. Their luggage looks like they plan to travel around a continent for the next six months. A real vacation luggage assembly, in its turn, makes you consider calling the movers instead of the taxi company.

A golden tip that I read long ago goes as follows: Place everything that you want to pack on the floor next to your luggage. Then pack half of it and take twice as much money as you’d originally planned to. Traveling too heavy is no fun, and can be expensive if you exceed the luggage allowance. Worse, airport fluid restrictions can force you to leave your stuff at the security check, so you end up flying to your destination without your contact lens fluid or shaving foam.


Hold a Door Open a Crack – the Easy Way, with Door Monkey

We all know how difficult it is to make a door stay open a crack to let some fresh air circulate or to reassure kids who refuse to sleep with the door closed. Sure, you can put something between the door and the door frame to keep it from slamming shut. But how do you keep it from opening more than you want it to? The Door Monkey is the answer.



VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner

This portable scanner from VuPoint can be easily carried wherever you go, but it still allows you to quickly make a color scan of an area as large as 8 ½" x 50". No need to take a computer with you either, since the device stores the scanned documents in its internal memory for you to download them onto your computer later.



Tools to Work on Ladders and in Other Difficult Places

When you’ve been working on a ladder, flat on your back underneath a car, or in any other difficult spot, you know how much difference it makes when you have your tools at hand. The MagnoGrip and the Autoloader screwdriver are two original products that can make your life easier while taking care of the next chore around the house.


Don’t hide your cables – show them off

A product that certainly merits the clever & easy label and that’s a great example of out-of-the-box thinking is this cable-decorating solution from PA Design. While everyone else focuses on hiding cables, their approach is to show off your cables. It’s a 180-degree turn in thinking that gives a nice result.



Luggage-cart chair offers you a seat when tired

Luggage-Cart Chair lets you take a rest when needed Remember the travel stroller from a few weeks ago? This product is very similar, but instead of targeting traveling toddlers, this one is a solution for adults. The original idea is apparently to use it for picnics, but I can imagine that it’s also very useful for elderly people shopping for their groceries.



Overview of Rechargeable Battery Technologies

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz in the rechargeable battery world, after a number of promising new technologies have been hyped on the market. Now is probably the right time to get an overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the different types of rechargeable batteries, before we get too bogged down in all the hype.


iPhone Universal Remote Control

iPhone universal remote control and protective caseSo you have an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. You want a protective case for it? Of course you do. You have remote controls in your home? Of course you do. Why not combine everything and use this protective case to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote control, tossing all those different remotes into the bottom of the drawer?



Mosquito barrier – liquid, garlic-based mosquito repellent

It’s mosquito season again, and the perfect solution to keep the little bloodsuckers away has yet to be found. Many chemical or electric repellents are either ineffective or harmful to people or the environment. This Mosquito Barrier, although not perfect, at least has the merits that it’s effective and environmentally sound. It’s an organic, liquid solution that’s based on garlic and that can be sprayed around your premises.


Recycle your hand-basin water to flush your toilet – SinkPositive

Some time ago, we wrote an article on the Caroma toilet, which is a space- and water-saving combination of a toilet and a hand basin. Apparently, this kind of solution has been popular in Japan for a long time. It’s a great solution when you need a new toilet, but what if you already have a perfectly good toilet and you’d still like a similar solution? Enter the water-saving SinkPositive, a retrofit solution that can be installed onto many existing toilet tanks.


Taga Stroller and Bike Combo Takes your Child Anywhere

Once people have kids, the bike often ends up in the garage, collecting dust until the kids are old enough to ride a bike themselves. You can equip your bike with a children’s seat, of course. But what to do when you arrive at your destination? There you’d like to have a stroller at your disposal, but how do you transport that with your bike? This stroller and bike combo from Taga is a great piece of product design, combining both functions in one.



Versatile Battery Charger – Eneloop USB Booster Stick

This device seems the best of both worlds. It combines the mobile charging abilities of the unique USB cell with the improved chemicals of the rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries. On top of this, you don’t have to just use it to charge your batteries; you can also use the charged package to provide some extra juice to another battery-powered device that’s about to give up on you.


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